Pastor forms task force to help those in rural communities fight COVID-19

WATCH: Pastor forms task force to help those in rural communities fight COVID-19

MARSHALL COUNTY, Miss. — A Marshall County pastor started a coronavirus task force among 8 north Mississippi counties.

Pastor Patrick Washington with Greenwood Missionary Baptist Church in Lamar told FOX13 forming the Rural Communities Coronavirus Task Force was the best way to serve multiple places and stop the spread in tight-knit communities.

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Washington said what his organization needs more than anything are volunteers to help bring groceries to the elderly and people who cannot get out to get them.

“In rural communities there are no grocery delivery services,” Washington said. “We are looking for volunteers that will be trained with a strict protocol of social distancing and to provide curbside service for seniors when they come to the grocery store.”

Washington said he is concerned for the smaller communities in Mississippi because the lack of resources could make the coronavirus hit even harder there.

He said, “Because most rural communities have one grocery store and one gas station and so one infected person has the potential to impact the entire community, so we are talking about specific strategies and ways to prevent the spread.”

Washington said the task force is also looking for volunteers in the community who can help make masks that will be distributed in the community.

“And so we are looking for volunteers who are skilled in sewing and we will provide filters for those masks,” he said.

Washington said he is concerned that many people who live in the country feel they live too far out to be affected by the virus. He said that is anything but the case.

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