Pastor says church’s faith has grown despite embezzlement investigation

SOUTHAVEN, Miss. — A former Mid-South pastor is charged with stealing from his church.

Kevin Hauman was campus pastor and business manager at Cornerstone Church in Southaven for five years.

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FOX13′s Tom Dees spoke exclusively with Cornerstone Lead Pastor Greg Davis about the case and the impact on the congregation.

“What I want people to know is that you don’t need to judge an incredible family of believers based on the evil that was done by one person,” Davis said.

Pastor Davis said the amount of money Hauman allegedly stole from the church was substantial, but he didn’t want to say just how much.

Davis said the church realized the money was missing because it normally does a lot of work in the community for schools and those who need help. But he said the money used to do those good works had gotten unusually tight.

“The board and all of our finance people were looking over all of the reports and we just thought, you know what, there was just a sense that, ok something seems weird. And so we decided to hire an independent firm to come do a financial review and that financial review revealed extremely solid evidence that there had been embezzlement going on that was committed by our business administrator,” Davis said.  

Hauman, whose day job is in banking, started working at Cornerstone Church in 2016.

Pastor Davis said they noticed the money was missing last fall.

Davis said the church has been in deep prayer about what happened. He said that church membership and faith have grown despite the investigation.

“We have dealt with this. It was a hard situation. It was very traumatic, but we dealt with it. We dealt with it properly. We dealt with it exactly the way it needed to be handled, and we are moving forward,” Davis said.

Davis said what happened was very well-planned and committed by someone he trusted. But now, the congregation is moving forward.

“We are not driving down the road looking in the rearview mirror. We are looking through the windshield because we believe that what God has ahead of us is greater than anything that is behind,” he said.  

FOX13′s Tom Dees went to a home listed as Hauman’s residence in Hernando. No one answered the door.

Police said they are doing a forensic audit in the case as well.