#ICANTBREATH protest for George Floyd ended peacefully in Downtown Memphis

MEMPHIS, Tenn — Many people are gathering across the country to participate in protests, some of which are peaceful, for the racially unjust killings of Americans, specifically African Americans.

Memphians are protesting for the third time this week, and the second time tonight at the FedEx Forum following the death of George Floyd that happened over the Memorial holiday weekend.

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UPDATE: (11:09 p.m.) The protest has peacefully ended.

UPDATE: (10:20 p.m.) Shelby County Commissioner Tami Sawyer joined the protest and is speaking to the crowd.

UPDATE: (10:05 p.m) As of now, the protest has lasted 4 hours and there have been no reports of injuries, looting, or arrests.

UPDATE: (10:03 p.m.) There are over 200 people attending the march.

UPDATE: (9:12 p.m.) On the move again! The march started at the FedEx Forum, then moved to Beale Street, and now its at City Hall.

UPDATE: (8:41 p.m.) The march has moved from the FedEx Forum to Beale Street.

Update (8:36 p.m.) MPD left a message on how to successfully protest with hopes of not having any arrests or injuries in tonight’s march.

In the video, Michael Rallings said, " I only ask that any future protests be conducted peacefully and lawfully. Know that your police department should not be represented by the actions of officers in Minneapolis. Know that your police department supports justice being served. Know that your police department stands with you and not against you, however as law enforcement officers we have a duty to maintain peace and order."

UPDATE: (7:08 p.m.) BB King, George W Lee and parts of MLK Blvd roads are blocked off due to the protest.

UPDATE: (7:00 p.m.) The protest has begun.

UPDATE: (6:57 p.m.) People start gathering outside the FedEx Forum in preparation for the protest organized by Rev. Devante Hill.