People in Southeast Louisiana are in recovery mode after Hurricane Ida

LOUISIANA — People in southeast Louisiana are in recovery mode Monday after Hurricane Ida devastated many parts of the New Orleans Metro area.

People will possibly go without electricity and water for several weeks.

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FOX13′s Jeremy Pierre is from New Orleans and explained what many are prepared to do after this major Hurricane.

On the exact day of remembering Hurricane Katrina, the disaster many in New Orleans are still recovering from Mother Nature strikes again with Ida.

″It could’ve been a lot worse,” said Angelica Pierre.

And thank God it wasn’t.

Jeremy’s parents, Angelica and Bernard Pierre witnessed the destruction of Ida, a Category 4 hurricane when it first touched down.

His mother walked through the aftermath in her Jefferson Parish neighborhood.

She also sent us a video she captured of her backyard as Ida began to make its way into the New Orleans Metro area.

The entire New Orleans metro is without power, that’s more than one million people and, the water supply in several parishes is limited.

”30 for electricity and 30 days no water,” Pierre said.

Lower line areas of New Orleans and several surrounding parishes are experiencing severe flooding and people are doing the safest thing possible to stay dry and safe by taking shelter in attics.

During this time, southeast Louisiana is known to have two evacuations, one before hurricanes and another after depending on how severe damage and conditions are.

Curfews set for several parishes in the southeast of Louisiana.

Those who stayed behind are hoping to get out once it’s safe enough to.

″Probably Wednesday, I’m going to clean up as much as I can. I’m going to do a little NAACP work and help a couple of people,” Pierre said.

Search and rescue crews in Jefferson Parish, the largest parish in the state will continue to assess damage in severely flooded areas and bring people in floodwater to dry land.