Persevere computer coding program landing felons who just got out of prison six figures

Memphis, Tenn. — A program is teaching computer coding to felons who find it tough to get jobs out of prison.

It’s landing some of them six-figure salaries.

Program organizers said it is addressing public safety.

Felons said this program stopped them from going back to prison.

David Ditto who just got out of prison last July for drug and alcohol charges now makes nearly six figures.

Computer coding became David Ditto’s hobby while spending four and a half years in prison for drugs and alcohol.

“I entered into the program and it was hard. You’re literally learning new languages.  New ways to turn your thoughts into instructions that a computer can interpret,” Ditto said.

“This is the greatest pay in the world to see guys like David Ditto become successful,” said Broderick Webster who works with Persevere.

Broderick Webster knows firsthand. The reason Webster is so passionate about the program is because he was incarcerated and decided to use his painful past as a way to inspire young men like Ditto.

Persevere partners with felon-friendly companies and provides the laptops.  Webster said another one of their participants makes $225,000. The lowest pay is $60,000.

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