Phase one of reopening begins in Oxford this weekend

OXFORD, Miss. — The city of Oxford has published phase one of its recovery plan.

Some of it went into effect this weekend.

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FOX13’s Tom Dees found out Mayor Robyn Tannehill said they are taking baby steps and all the precautions they can to make sure everyone is protected.

From what we know, under the current ordinance, if you run an essential business all of your employees must wear a mask.

Also, all of your customers must wear a mask as well.

“The mask is really the new seatbelt,” Tannehill said. “The fact that the mask is protecting you and others unlike anything else here in this crisis.”

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Tannehill told us the first key date in the city's recovery plan is Saturday.

That is when the city’s non-essential businesses will take a big step if all goes as planned.

Non-essential businesses would be able to open with the plan adopted last week on May 2, with some strict guidelines in place, which include only 30 percent of occupancy in a store at any given time, and the people operating it would have to sanitize very often.

Will Childers at Boure's Restaurant told us he is in favor of the small steps the city is taking.

“Well you don't want to risk a possible outbreak or it spiking up again if somebody comes down with it they can easily start spreading it,” Childer’s said. “We have seen that happen in larger areas where they have tried to open too fast.”

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If you are looking to go out to a restaurant in Oxford with your hair and nails all done up, look for the middle of May as a possible date.

The governor's executive order mandates that those businesses will not be able to open before May 11, so make your appointments now.

The mayor told us the target date for reopening everything is the 2 of August when students begin returning to Ole Miss and the local schools.