Plans for Byhalia Connection Pipeline abandoned

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The push for the Byhalia Connection Pipeline is no more.

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Plains All America said in a statement:

“Byhalia Connection LLC announced today that it is no longer pursuing the Byhalia Connection construction project primarily due to lower US oil production resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. We value the relationships we’ve built through the development of this project, and appreciate those that supported the project and would have shared in its ongoing benefits including our customers, communities, energy consumers, landowners, area contractors, and suppliers.”

“Pipelines continue to play a critical role in safely transporting energy products from where energy is produced to where it is refined and turned into consumer goods that benefit our lives. As part of any shift to lower carbon energy, hydrocarbons will continue to be a critical part of meeting increasing global need for affordable, reliable energy. Access to all forms of energy improves quality of life, education and economic opportunity for individuals and communities throughout North America and across the globe.”

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People across the Mid-South came together to protest this pipeline multiple times since the company announced its plans.

Memphis City Council was scheduled to take a vote next week.

Sen. Raumesh Akbari (D-Memphis) is applauding the community leaders and neighbors who led the charge against the oil pipeline.

She issued this statement: ”Memphis has spoken. I am so proud of the people in Southwest Memphis, from Boxtown and Weaver Road to West Junction! This is grassroots community action at work. This is what it looks like to take a stand and refuse to back down. Thank you to the organizers and leaders who lifted the voices of our neighborhoods-Justin Pearson, Kizzy Dunlap Jones, Kathy Robinson, Memphis Community Against the Pipeline and Protect Our Aquifer. Thank you!”

Shelby County Mayor Lee Harris tweeted, “The cancellation of the construction of the Byhalia Connection Pipeline is great news for the community that has fought tooth and nail for this result. It’s also great news for the protection of our pristine water resources and @ShelbyCoTN at large. It’s a good day.”

A Memphis Community Against the Pipeline rally is planned for July 6 at 10 a.m. to kick off Justice Summer.