Police called to local entertainment center after multiple parents drop off more than 300 people, violating COVID-19 order

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis Police were called to the Putt-Putt Fun Center on Summer Ave. Saturday night after a complainant told police that parents were dropping off multiple children at the facility.

There were about 300 to 400 people at the business which put them in violation of COVID-19 order.

One person began to throw fireworks in the crowd which caused a stampede, an MPD spokesperson said.

During the stampede suspect, a teenage boy, 13, began pulling plants out of flower pots, police said.

An officer saw the suspect take one of the plants and throw it at a black sedan parked on the parking lot.

The stampede occurred when the complainant told those inside the business that they were closed and would not be issuing refunds, police said.

The complainant said that unknown suspects broke the Plexiglass barriers in between the customers and employees, plus broke napkin dispensers and threw cash registers, according to police.

The complainant and his staff cleaned all the debris up while officers were attempting to clear the parking lot, MPD said.

The teen was issued a juvenile summons for disorderly conduct, police said.