Police detail events leading up to Kroger mass shooting

Collierville, Tenn. — The Collierville Police Department is shedding more light on the actions of UK Thang the day he allegedly shot 15 people inside of a Collierville Kroger.

According to the Collierville Police Department, Thang, who had worked at the store as the franchise owner of a third-party sushi company since July of 2020, had a disagreement with an employee around 7 a.m.

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Thang was called into the manager’s office shortly after and asked to leave the store, police said.

Around 12:30 p.m., Collierville Police said that Thang was in the apartment that he shared with his brother and told his brother he was going to leave to get something to eat.

Just an hour later, police said Thang called his brother and told him that phone call would be the last time he would talk to him before hanging up abruptly.

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Thang then pulled up outside of the Kroger and grabbed three guns from the back seat, police said.

He walked in and began shooting, indiscriminately aiming for customers and employees, according to the Collierville Police Department.

As customers and employees ran out of the back of the Kroger, Thang followed, police said, shooting them as they fled from behind the store.

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Before eventually taking his own life in the rear receiving area of the store, Thang injured 15 people in the shooting, fatally killing Olivia King, according to police.

When police found his body and searched him, more ammunition and extra loaded magazines were discovered on him, police said.

According to police, those three guns Thang had were legally purchased from licensed gun dealers over the past year and a half.

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Those guns were an ATI Omni pistol, a KelTec PMR-30 pistol and a KelTec CMR-30 rifle, police revealed in a press release.

No criminal history was reported for Thang. The only infraction police said they found for Thang, who lived in the Antioch area of Tennessee before moving to Collierville, was a ticket for illegally parking in a handicap zone in January of 2021.

Police said the suspect Thang acted alone and had no accomplices in carrying out this tragedy.