Fight involving parents breaks out at Memphis high school, police say

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Authorities were called to Booker T. Washington High School after another after-school fight broke out on the campus. Deputies report responding to a Simple Assault at 3:51 p.m. Tuesday afternoon. Officials have reported ongoing fights happening at the location. This time, two parents were arrested.

Darrell and Charlotte Harris were taken into custody accused of interfering with school business and disturbing the peace.

“If you see your son, somebody literally putting their feet into your son’s head, what would your reaction as a parent be,” questioned Arteamus Moncrief, the brother of Charlotte Harris.

Moncrief said his sister and brother-in-law are innocent and claims his sister never touched an officer. Charlotte Harris is also charged with aggravated assault on a first responder.

“Twenty people jumping, how would your reaction be? My sister, they might have been a little loud, but they never touched nobody,” Moncrief said.

The Harris’ were called to the high school Tuesday after both of their kids were involved in a fight. When the parents arrived, their son was being detained. According to authorities, Darrell Harris entered the building yelling profanities, saying “Take my son out of [expletive] handcuffs.”

Their daughter was also eventually detained. Moncrief questions why his family was the only party taken into custody.

“Why did my nieces and nephews go to jail and my brother-in-law and sister go to jail and nobody else, and they got jumped, they are the victims.”

FOX13 also had a chance to speak with one of the two students detained who shared that she’s often been the target of bullying at the school. She shared with us part of the dialogue she has with her mom every morning.

“I said ‘Ma, I hate waking up trying to see who I got to fight this morning.’ What am I going to school to fight for? Like what do y’all want to fight me for?”

Memphis-Shelby County Schools released the following statement regarding the incident:

“We are aware of incidents involving students of Booker T. Washington High School.

Several students have been disciplined for their involvement in an altercation on campus Tuesday. The incident occurred after school hours.

MSCS security and school administration followed district protocols and an incident report was filed with local law enforcement. Local law enforcement has also committed to extra daily patrols around the campus.

The matter remains under review and all families have the right to appeal disciplinary decisions.

We continue to prioritize the safety of students.”