2 armed suspects surrender, 2 remain on the run after gun store break-in, police say

WATCH: 2 surrender, 2 suspects still on the run following attempted gun store robbery

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Two teens surrendered to Memphis police after a standoff at a local gun store.

Police said they responded to a break-in business on the 6900 block of Winchester Monday morning.

At least two armed suspects were inside.

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Officers set up a perimeter around the business and the intense situation lasted for hours.

At one point, FOX13 saw an MPD surveillance drone canvassing the area.

According to MPD, the men tried to escape the store from the roof.

While FOX13 was on the scene, two men were seen standing on top of the building. They appeared to be surrendering.

Both men were taken into custody. According to police, they are 19-year-old Robert McGee and 18-year-old Lakenyon Thompson.

While the situation was happening, a FOX13 crew saw two men stand up on top of the building.
While the situation was happening, a FOX13 crew saw two men stand up on top of the building.

A law enforcement source told FOX13 the two men were trying to steal a ‘stack of guns.’

“It looks like they came through the side and were trying to get away,” Officer Louis Brownlee told FOX13.

The owner of The Gun Store told FOX 13 his business has state of the art burglar alarms and they worked.

“They were pretty stupid today and they will face federal time for their trouble,” Chris Edens, the owner of The Gun Store said.

Edens said the suspects triggered the alarms once they got into the store from the roof.

They broke display cases and grabbed an arm full of weapons but dropped most of them when they apparently panicked to escape.

“They were trying to shoot locks off doors in the back trying to get out, so they fired six or seven rounds inside the store trying to get out,” Edens said.

FOX13 learned from the ATF, this incident is one seven gun store burglaries in Tennessee so far this year. Most of them happened in the middle and western part of the state. In those cases, federal agents have been able to make some arrests and recover some of the stolen weapons.

Thieves have tried five times to break into Edens’ store in the past. All of them failed.

“MPD in their skill and wisdom arrested those who tried to get us Christmas night with the stolen vehicle to drive through the building,” he said.

Lakenyon Thompson and Robert McGee were both charged with burglary building, theft of property and unlawful possession of a weapon.

Edens said he is confident MPD will catch the other suspects involved and doesn’t plan to close. In fact, he said he is in the final stages of opening up a gun range right next door.

Agents with the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms are also investigating the break-in.