Potholes are popping up across Shelby County

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — “That was the first one there so it was a series of them, boom, boom, boom, two busted tires, two rims, six cars ahead of me,” said James Cook.

Cook just got his car out of the tire shop after dishing out big bucks to get it fixed.

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“I crossed over Airwaves, I got in the far right lane and I heard a boom and I heard a boom, boom, boom and then right after that I look down and my tires are flat,” he said.

The potholes on Shelby Drive near Airways are patched up now but Cook took a picture of one of the potholes that left him with two busted tires, two damaged rims and no car for a week.

“I pulled into the gas station right there and I saw six other cars that had just got their tires busted as well on a pothole that I ran over so that night that pothole had probably taken six to 10 cars just by itself.”

Cook, who had his car towed to a tire shop, said he dished out $1,000 to get it fixed and that doesn’t even include an alignment.

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“But the pothole was big enough for a tire to fit in.”

The city of Memphis said this is a state road, however, if you hit a pothole in Memphis, file a claim.

Something else you need to know if you file a claim: Once the city had notice that the pothole was in the street prior to it causing damage, the city must have at least five business days to repair the pothole after receiving notice.

So far more nearly 3,000 potholes have been filled this year.

According to the City of Memphis, drivers that experience a pothole incident on a state-road can file a claim here.

Drivers can report a pothole on a state-route that’s maintained by TDOT by calling (901) 684-5467 or (731) 935-0205.