Steel plates for phase one of I-40 Bridge repair to be delivered Saturday, TDOT says

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Phase One of repairs to the I-40 bridge has begun.

Workers and vehicles were seen on the I-40 Bridge Thursday, and by Friday work on the bridge was well underway.

TDOT said it expects delivery of the 34 steel plates for phase one work Saturday.

According to a release from TDOT, the Kiewit Infrastructure Group started prepping the worksite Thursday. That includes installing a temporary platform needed to begin work on phase one of the bridge repairs. It’s 100′ long, hanging from underneath the bridge, and 110′ feet in the air. They will have it assembled by the weekend.

TDOT said preparations will continue through the weekend.

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Repair plans are being finalized.

Fabrication of the steel plates needed for phase one repair is happening at Stupp Bridge Company in Bowling Green, KY. TDOT crews will pick up the load of 33,000+ pounds of steel and deliver it to the worksite this weekend, TDOT said.

TDOT said it expects delivery of the plates for phase one work Saturday.

TDOT inspection of the I-55 Bridge continued Thursday with drones on the Arkansas side.

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According to a release, the inspection team is back on land but plans to return to the water on Monday to view the hard-to-achieve places by boat.

TDOT said high winds are hampering efforts.

Once they’re done gathering data, the inspectors will have hours of drone footage to go through. The process is expected to go well into next week.

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TDOT and ARDOT officials briefed Acting Federal Highway Administrator Stephanie Pollack on the latest developments with the I-40 bridge and provided an overview of planned work.