President Biden an inspiration to millions with speech impediments

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — President Joe Biden inspired millions of Americans with speech impediments during his inauguration.

Two of the stars of the show, President Joe Biden and youth poet laureate Amanda Gorman have struggled with a stutter at a young age.

The President of the Stuttering Foundation in Memphis, Jane Fraser explains this is a positive moment in our history.

“It’s been just a tremendous thing to be able to say you know, now we have a president who stuttered as a child and in spite of that has been able to deal with politically,” said Stuttering Foundation President Jane Fraser.

Fraser said there are 70 million people around the world who struggle with speech impediments.

From the very beginning, President Biden was open about his stutter. A stutter he struggled with at a very young age.

“Looking in the mirror with a flashlight in your face because you contort your face and it’s embarrassing,” said Biden.

Biden discussed his stutter during a CNN town hall in February.

He’s connected with several young people who share his disability like Amanda Gorman, the youth poet laureate who performed at his inauguration. She also struggles with a speech impediment.

Fraser said President Biden and Gorman’s success reassures parents who worry about their child’s future.

“All parents do this, they say will he get married, will he go to college, they are already living in the future and so again for the parents to think about the hope it brings,” said Fraser.

There is hope for parents but also young adults who struggle with speaking every day.

“When someone comes up to you and said I’ve been through this I know how you feel, you say tell me because what people are looking for is to say you made it, it’s possible to make it,” said Biden.

Fraser said the president’s open conversation about speech impediments put a spotlight on the disability.

In fact, she said her website received 14 million hits from people wanting to seek help.