Pro-Choice Protesters Rally Downtown Memphis

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Pro-choice is what a group of protesters boldly stood up for Saturday at a rally in support of abortion.

This is in the wake of a looming Supreme Court decision on the landmark Roe vs. Wade ruling.

Dozens showed up supporting abortion rights on the Civic Center Plaza in Downtown Memphis.

The group chanted things like, “women fight for liberation” and “abortion is worth fighting for”. The resounding message, “it’s my body, my choice.”

“If you think that if someone has been raped that they should keep their baby because abortion is not right, I think that you are a sick human being,” said pro-choice protester Abigail Zarback. “I’m a woman and I believe I should have the right to my own body.”

People took to the streets, for a rally and march hosted by Memphis for Reproductive Rights.

This, as the nation, awaits the fate of abortion rights for women in America.

PHOTOS: Pro-Choice Protesters Rally Downtown Memphis

“It shouldn’t be in the hands of a lot of men, politicians to control the freedom of a woman to choose,” said Elizabeth Phillips.

The court has yet to issue a ruling in the case.

Still, just the mere thought of opposition to a woman’s right to choose was enough to get protesters fired up about the possibility of that right being restricted or even eliminated.

“I honestly don’t know why everyone is so obsessed with what everyone else is doing with their life,” said Zarback.

In the wake of the highly anticipated decision, event organizer Nico Jo told FOX13′s reporter Lakiya Scott, that the group chose to march and protest because they didn’t feel they were being heard.

“The Supreme Court certainly isn’t representing us right now,” said Jo. “It doesn’t matter what the decision turns out to be, the fact that they can still threaten this, and the fact that it’s not already legally protected is a problem. Abortions aren’t already free, safe, and accessible for everyone, which is a problem.”

The Biden Administration and Homeland Security report preparing for nationwide violence after threats of storming or even burning down the Supreme Court building in the wake of a ruling.