Program to help residents with financial hardships due to COVID-19 pandemic approaches deadline

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact lives in the Mid-South.

If you or someone you know is still struggling to pay rent or utility bills, there’s still time to sign up for a program that can help.

But the deadline is approaching to get into the Emergency Rental and Utility Assistance Program.

“I just retired, and I got low income, and my bills keep backing up,” said Memphian Alton Payton.

For folks like Peyton, rent and utility bills have stuck with him even in retirement.

“I really need to try it,” said Peyton, “I want to.”

Luckily, there’s still time for anyone like Peyton to apply for the Emergency Rental and Utility Assistance Program.

It assists Shelby County residents who have been experiencing financial hardships due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Herb Moss believes this is a program people have needed in the Memphis area.

“I think that’s a great program, and it’ll benefit a lot of people,” said Moss.

But time is running out. The application deadline for the program ends on November 14.

Moss is not the only one who thinks people should take advantage of this opportunity. Multiple Memphians told FOX13 this is something people need to know about.

“Yeah, that’s a good thing too because I need help with mine,” one resident said.

Moss said people are suffering in their own ways, but at least with a program like this, there’s a chance to do some real good.

“See, there’s a lot of people out here, they got problems,” said Moss, “Some of us don’t, but a lot of us do. That’ll be a great program to help everybody.”

This program is only for renters residing in Shelby County, Tennessee (including Arlington, Bartlett, Collierville, Germantown, Lakeland, Memphis, and Millington). You must demonstrate all of the following to be eligible:

  • Someone in the household had a financial loss due to COVID-19.
  • You are past due on your rent or utilities.
  • Your household income is under 80% of the county’s median income.

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