Prominent Memphis pastor steps down from CLERB

WATCH: Prominent Memphis pastor steps down from CLERB

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A prominent Memphis minister is stepping down as interim chair of the city’s Citizens Law Enforcement Review Board or CLERB, an independent agency with the authority to investigate allegations of misconduct against the Memphis Police Department.

FOX13 reported this week that Pastor Ricky Floyd was shot in the leg in Frayser while driving down the road minding his own business. We asked him if that had anything to do with his resignation.

Although he considered stepping down for the past three months, that was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

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“Being shot at in a community that I invested 20 years of my life, my resources, my influence tells me that there’s a lot more work to be done in the Frayser community,” said Floyd.

Floyd, who pastors Pursuit of God Church in Frayser, spoke with FOX13 this week after he was shot in the leg in a Frayser neighborhood.

Now Floyd, who worked to bring peace to the community, is stepping down to dedicate more time to his church and mentorship program.

“I can say one of the reasons I can step away from a sense of peace is that CLERB is headed in a very positive, strengthening environment capacity with the people that they’re bringing on board, with the resources that the mayor has added,” Floyd said.

CLERB is made up of pastors and other community leaders tasked with remaining unbiased during investigations. There’s been a lot of controversy for the past several years about the board’s subpoena power.

“The mayor has given CLERB way more resources. We’ve got two full-time people and a part-time assistant. The mayor has recently, as part of its legislative agenda, asked the state consider giving the CLERB board subpoena power,” said Ken Moody, special assistant to Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland.

Regardless of what happens next, Floyd is hopeful.

“I viewed CLERB as a good opportunity for me to play a role in unity and being a voice for the voiceless,” Floyd said.

A spokeswoman for CLERB said there will be an election to fill Floyd’s role as chair. It will likely happen before the end of the year.