‘Protect democracy and count every vote’: Marquita Bradshaw says race isn’t over yet

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Marquita Bradshaw isn’t conceding yet despite trailing in the unofficial results.

Currently, the unofficial results show Republican Bill Hagerty with more than 62 percent of the votes and Bradshaw with more than 35 percent.

“An election is over when every vote is counted and we need to make sure that we protect democracy and count every vote,” said Bradshaw.

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Shortly after The Associated Press called the race for Hagerty Tuesday night, Bradshaw told supporters she wasn’t giving up.

“We will fight and we going to go find my votes at the bottom of the basement,” said Bradshaw on Tuesday evening during her watch party in Downtown Memphis.

Two days later, FOX13′s Kirstin Garriss talked one-on-one with Bradshaw about those comments.

“As you look at what’s going on nationally and what the democratic process consists of the foundation of everyone having the right to vote and that be free from suppression and also making sure that an election is only complete when every vote is counted,” said Bradshaw.

When asked if she believed this was possible voter fraud, Bradshaw maintained her position of waiting for all the votes to come in.

“The foundation of democracy is based on voting and that people participated in that process for the very first time because they were putting trust in the democratic process and we want to make sure that we send the right message in Tennessee that an election is not over until every vote is counted,” she said.

As of Thursday evening, the AP is reporting 94 percent of the votes are in for the U.S. Senate race in Tennessee and based on the unofficial results, Bradshaw is trailing by 801,279 votes.

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“An election is complete when the results are official, and all the votes are counted. The only time you can officially complete an election is when every vote is counted and right now we are all waiting on the final results not only here in Tennessee but across this nation,” said Bradshaw.

Moving forward, Bradshaw said she is starting a nonprofit and political organization to support grassroots candidates.

“We need to make sure the next time someone secures the democratic nomination for U.S. Senate that as Black woman has complete support and that’s what we’ll be building on until I continue my political career.” Bradshaw said.

When asked if she talked with Hagerty or his campaign about waiting for the results, she refused to answer and walked away.

Her campaign manager told FOX13 since Bradshaw hasn’t conceded, they haven’t reached out to the Hagerty campaign.