Protesters say plans to move statue to Oxford cemetery glorify the Confederacy

WATCH: Protesters say plans to move statue to Oxford cemetery glorify the Confederacy

OXFORD, Miss. — Protestors on the Ole Miss campus Tuesday called for the university to abandon the plan to move the Confederate statue to the Confederate Cemetery.

The protesters said they believe the current plan is offensive. They said they are angry because the plan includes things that make it look like the glorification of the Confederacy.

Protesters marched across the campus Tuesday chanting ‘abandon the plan’. Arial Hudson, co-author of the resolution to move the statue, said the university and the chancellor did not come through with the plan that was promised.

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“Because when we saw the plans and what the IHL board approved, it seemed it would turn it into more of a shrine to the Confederacy, instead of contextualize history,” Hudson said.

Protesters said planned lighting for the statue will make it appear bigger after the sun goes down, and headstones planned for the cemetery are historically inaccurate since it is full of unmarked graves and nobody knows who is buried where.

Graduate History student Kelsa Pelletieri showed up for the march.

“To help make sure that the university is not glorifying a statue that is quite literally dedicated to white supremacy, I think the U of M can do better,” Pelletieri said.

Students and alumni who joined in the march of about fifty protesters said they feel like they have not been told the truth and that the university did not listen.

“Chancellor Boyse has shown us that he doesn’t give a damn about our voice.”

FOX13 reached out to the Chancellor’s Office for comment and will let you know when we hear back.