Protesters say police were out of line for arresting them

WATCH: Demonstrator says MPD used excessive force during protests

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The two people arrested Wednesday while protesting at Memphis Police Department’s Ridgeway Station said police were out of line for arresting them.

The cameras were rolling when activists lined up outside protesting U.S. Attorney General William Barr’s visit.

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FOX13 spoke exclusively with the woman arrested. She accused Memphis Police of using excessive force.

Quevonna Davis who goes by the name Bluu got out of Jail East around 11:30 Wednesday night.

Well-known community activist Hunter Demster was released from 201 Poplar Thursday around noon.

Davis was charged with Disorderly Conduct and Obedience to police officers, and Inciting a Riot.

“Why you had to tackle me down so hard and have an officer on my back as well?” asked Davis. “I’m a small girl. Those were two big officers, so that put fear in me.”

Davis showed FOX13 bruises on her legs after Memphis Police arrested her during Wednesday’s protest. Video shows how officers picked Davis up after placing her on the ground.

According to court records, officers said Davis was yelling obscene words toward them and blocking the exits of the dignitary motorcade and Memphis Police Officers.

WATCH: Demonstrator says MPD used excessive force during protests

MPD said Davis refused to obey law enforcement. Police said Davis pushed an officer toward the motorcade as it was leaving, but Davis says she never pushed an officer.

“Once he yelled again ‘Get back,’ the second officer snatched me and carried me to the other side of the gate, and that’s where both of them were trying to get my arms behind my back and down to the ground,” she explained.

Demonstrators said U.S. Attorney General William Barr’s appearance in Memphis led to even more unrest.

Davis claims an officer kicked her in the legs.

“I am definitely wanting to understand why was it so forceful,” she said.

Despite the bruises on her arms and legs, Davis says she’s going to keep protesting every chance she gets, even though her family fears for her safety.

“I’m raising a black son," said Davis. "I can try the best of my ability while I can fight to change what needs to be changed now so he does not have to go through this.”