Protestors speak out against Flight Restaurant after alleged racist practices

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Flight restaurant is facing allegations of racial discrimination after stories of profiling have been posted on Facebook by employees.

One employee said Flight has discriminated against African American guests by only having them eat upstairs.

Some that we’ve also seen on social media include former employees saying they were allegedly told not to sit black customers at window seats.

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Another story is from an employee who claims he or she got in trouble by one of the owners for bringing in a black friend to fill out an application to be a server.

FOX13 spoke with a protester who is friends with former employees there and she said they’ve told her stories of mistreatment and profiling for years.

“They have to dress a certain way,” said Eileen Hogan. “Wear their hair a certain way. Can’t wear glasses if they have to have glasses on. Cannot seat guests in a certain area, can’t take reservations for guests that they judge on the phone. A particular voice. Can’t be taking reservations or seating them in a certain part of the restaurant or have to tell them that you’re booked. It’s not fair. It’s not right and it’s time to protest”.

Flight said they are conducting an investigation--in a statement, the restaurant said, “to the extent that we learn that any of these accusations are true, these employees will be terminated immediately”.