Quitman Co. officials concerned on the number of cases, first death

Watch: Quitman Co. officials concerned on the number of cases, first death

QUITMAN COUNTY, Miss. — People in Quitman County, Miss. are concerned as they now have 195 cases there and there is one death.

The number of cases has more than doubled in Quitman County in two weeks and there are only 7,000 people there.

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A 62-year-old man with preexisting health conditions has died from COVID-19.

According to Quitman County EMA, the problem in the small community is that people do not wear masks and they do not social distance.

Roderick Roberson Sr. told us the death of the man and the increase in cases seriously concerns him.

“I feel like people are not doing all they can do and that this is a people thing and if people do what they are supposed to do then it will not be going up like it is, a lot of people do not respect the virus and they are dying and it is killing other people,” he said.

County leaders told us they have been giving out masks at events, but people are resisting wearing masks and in a lot of cases, people are throwing yard parties and having other events that are contributing to the spread.

“People here are just starting to wear masks, they gang up around here and they don’t wear masks and they gang up anywhere and they are just starting to wear masks, I think that’s what the spread of it is,” said Frank Gurley.

Quitman County’s Willie Lockett said he is baffled at how quickly the virus has spread and by the county’s one death from the virus.

“I just can’t understand it this virus just came all of a sudden one while it wasn’t here and the next while it was and wearing these masks I can’t tell if they are helping or not,” he said.