Rebuilding trust in law enforcement after cops get arrested, indicted for serious charges

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — FOX13 is taking a closer look at the impact major arrests of police officers have within our community.

Officer Travis Pride is accused of raping and kidnapping a woman. He is relieved of duty pending the outcomes of a criminal and internal investigation.

Patric Ferguson was just indicted for first-degree murder for killing a man in the back of his squad car.

“When one person does something wrong, that’s all the public (sees) is that one bad actor, and they may judge an agency on misdeeds of these two officers, and that’s one thing we have to careful,” said Mike Collins, FOX13 law enforcement analyst.

Retired Shelby County Sheriff lieutenant Mike Collins said in the eyes of the community, the actions of those two cops will likely reflect on the agency of more than 2,000 officers.

Collins said both of these cases are going through the criminal justice system, which helps restore public trust.

“Portrays that these particular things will not be tolerated, you’re going to arrest those officers and then prosecute them to the fullest extent, and that’s very important, especially when trying to regain the public trust,” he said.

As a new leader takes over the department in June, Collins said it’ll be vital for incoming MPD Chief CJ Davis to set the tone for officers.

“The most important thing is establishing a culture of honesty and integrity and reemphasize that this is the mission that the residents of Memphis expect,” said Collis

FOX13 reached out to the police union for comment but has not heard back.