Recent sharp uptick in digital child exploitation cases, TBI says

WATCH: Recent sharp uptick in digital exploitation cases, TBI says

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — With schools closed because of the coronavirus the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation reported an increase in the number of digital child exploitation cases.

Children looking at their phones or spending more time online can easily come into contact with predators.

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The TBI said the number of tips doubled this month. In just three days they received 25 tips.

If you want to keep your children safe the TBI suggested you can limit your child's time online.

Make sure your child doesn’t use his or her device when they are alone in their room or the bathroom. Only allow them to use devices in common areas like the living room.

Another idea is to download apps to monitor their activity.

There are several options online at various prices. Some even have free trials.

One app called Family Orbit shows the GPS locations of your family members. You can also see their messages, calls and internet history.

Another app is called mSpy. You can see who your kid texts, calls, and what apps they use.

This is very important especially because your child may spend lots of time at home with school out and might get bored.

Investigators said they have actually seen an increase in cybercrimes. From March 15 – 21, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children received more than 3,000 tips online or calls about cybercrimes against children.

Experts also said if you find something disturbing on your child’s phone, don’t delete it. You need it for evidence. You can call your police or send a tip online.

To report cybercrimes online CLICK HERE.