Record high gas prices make long commutes even more expensive

SOUTHAVEN, Miss. — Those rising prices on gas are hitting all of us in the wallet.

But it’s even harder if you have a long drive to work, and many of those who live in DeSoto County said it’s really starting to add up.

“Now I don’t let it go below a half a tank, and even though I won’t let it go below a half a tank, it’s still going to take $60,” said Dinah Slaughter of Southaven.

She said it’s just gotten tougher as gas just keeps going up.

Her husband, Asa Slaughter, echoed that and said commuting is a lot tougher because it’s costing more.

“I just hold onto my wallet and go ahead and pay for it,” Asa Slaughter said. “I filled hers up and mine up, and it was almost $200.”

On Monday, gas in DeSoto County averaged $4.47 a gallon for regular unleaded, according to AAA.

That’s up more than 30 cents from a week ago and 56 cents from a month ago.

In the last year, the price has climbed $1.74 a gallon.

According to census data, drivers in Southaven and Horn Lake commute an average of 25 miles each way.

If your car averages 25 miles a gallon, that’s 10 gallons a week just to get to and from work.

That means your commuting cost has increased by $3 a week just from a week ago and more than $17 a week since this time last year.

John Hoomana of Horn Lake said it’s really starting to hurt.

”Pushing to find the money every day as far as getting to work, Hard, not easy, it’s just expensive, it’s not easy to fill anything up,” Hoomana said.

Hoomana said he is cutting back on one thing to try and afford his travels.

“Yeah, I cut back on my smoking to be able to get gas,” Hoomana said.