Residents deal with flooding aftermath following heavy rains

PANOLA COUNTY, Miss. — Extreme flooding hit Panola County., Miss., this week. At least 20 homes there were impacted by the water.

FOX13 was there Thursday as one family returned home.

Quenetha Johnson said her Church Street apartment in Como, Miss., has flooded before, but this was extreme.

“I had more water in my apartment this time than the last three or four times, so we left here at daylight yesterday, and we rented a hotel room,” Johnson said.

Johnson told FOX13 sandbags don’t work because once the water gets in, it will seep into another.

“The water is soaked into the walls, and you have mold buildup, so what are you going to do?” Johnson said.

The company that owns the apartments said they have asked for help from the Corps of Engineers and the City of Como but have gotten no answers.

In the meantime, Johnson said she is not sure where she and her daughter will be living.

“I don’t know,” she said. “I have been looking for places because with Covid, nobody’s moving, and there is no availability, and everything has a waiting list,” Johnson said.

The Panola County EMS said if you have flood damage to your home or your apartment, you need to let them know so they can help get you assistance.


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