Residents in disbelief after a body is discovered inside of a suitcase

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Police responded to a call on Pine St. and Eastmoreland Ave. on Dec. 11, where they found something quite disturbing.

When police arrived, they discovered a body inside of a suitcase, in a dumpster.

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“That’s really scary because I have kids,” said Tomiko Dickson, when she heard about the discovery in Midtown.

Dickson is familiar with the area and said it used to be a place you could take your kids out for walks.

“I used to live in this area as a matter of fact when I was growing up in the projects,” said Dickson.

But other neighbors feel like they have the support to feel safe.

“We watch each other’s homes. We take care of each other and so we’ve really built that community within our neighborhood, so I think that makes us feel very safe,” said Mark Edmiston.

The matter is still concerning for former residents, and current ones as the investigations continue.

“It becomes a lot more concerning. We hear a lot about crime or violence within Memphis, but I think when it comes within a block away and something so odd and severe, it’s concerning,” said Edmiston.

“Memphis really needs to get a hold on everything that’s going on,” said Dickson.

Authorities said the deceased was struck with an object by a known suspect.

Memphis Police Department said the investigation is ongoing, and no arrests have been made.