Residents voice concerns over potential Byhalia pipeline

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Homeowners in our area got the chance to ask questions Saturday morning about how a proposed crude oil pipeline could affect them.

The people from Byhalia Connection held an open house for people living in the community.

“They want to give you a penny and take control of your property,” said Katie Allen Corder. “They’ve got all the privilege.”

Corder lives in Westwood and said the pipeline would run through her property.

FOX13’s Winnie Wright ask Corder what her concerns are with the pipeline.

“The same concerns you would have if this was coming across the back of your yard,” she said.

She said Byhalia Connection wants to put part of its 45-mile pipeline through her yard.

“It’s coming through your property and you can’t do what you want with your property,” Corder said.

Like many of the other homeowners, Corder has questions about what sort of impact the Byhalia Pipeline Connection could have on her property, health and safety.

“Our goal is that they can come and understand what this is about, why there is a need for it, and be able to feel comfortable with the fact that we have experts here that can answer their questions,” said Deidre Malone, Plains All American Pipeline Public Affairs Advisor.

Former Shelby County Commissioner Deidre Malone, is now the public affairs advisor for Plains All American Pipeline.

She said answering questions like Corder is the reason for the open houses.

Saturday’s was the fourth open house the company has held, the first one on a weekend.

“We thought it was important to have two on Saturday, because as you mentioned, the rest were during the evening 5-7,” Malone said. “People were probably trying to get home.”

“We wanted to give them an opportunity to come out and ask questions to get as much information about this proposed 45-mile pipeline as possible.”

“They’re just being told ‘hey, oil is great,” said Scott Banburry, Sierra Club Tennessee Chapter. “We make all this stuff out of oil. This is important for the community. They’re not telling the people that this is really so they can export the oil to other countries.”

Banburry is the Conservation Program Coordinator for the Tennessee Chapter of Sierra Club, a group that opposes the pipeline.

“Sierra Club’s position is: leave oil in the ground,” Banburry said. “If you’re going to bring it up, let’s meet domestic needs and no more.”

For more information about the pipeline, visit their website.

There, you can ask questions directly.

You can also get more information on the Sierra Club’s position and advice for homeowners by going to their website.