Retailers bracing for potential holiday season without stimulus

WATCH: Uncertainty surrounding another round of stimulus aid may lead to a retail crisis

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — With 77 shopping days until Christmas, usually at this time of year people are making lists and checking them twice.

But the uncertainty surrounding another round of coronavirus stimulus aid may lead to a retail crisis.

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Many people can’t wait for another round of stimulus checks to get the green light. The stimulus hangs in the balance as politicians in Washington struggle to compromise.

“President, let it go, let it loose,” said mother of four Geraldine Wallace.

Elena Delavega, an Associate Professor at the University of Memphis, says the next round of stimulus aid needs to go to those who really need it.

“The role of the stimulus is to put money in the hands who do not have any, so they can contribute to the economy and in return create more jobs,” said Delavega.

She says the stimulus package should support people who lost their jobs.

“For the Holiday season those who are able to participate in the economy; they will continue to participate,” said Delavega.

Delavega says if Congress does not reach an agreement soon, the economy may plummet.

“What we’re going to see is a rash of evictions, some people not paying utilities, unable to eat and businesses will not have customers they need,” said Delavega.

To get a deal done any time soon, the House may have to be called back to work. It adjourned last week. The Senate is only scheduled to work. Neither chamber is due back until the middle of next month.