Rhodes alumni start Facebook group opposing Amy Coney Barrett nomination

MEMPHIS,Tenn. — Alumni from Rhodes College have created a Facebook group opposing Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court.

“Rhodes College Alumni Against ACB’s Nomination” was organized by Rob Marus, Rhodes class of ’97.

Marus said he met Barrett and was two years behind her in school.

Marus is one of 1,507 signatures on a letter to Rhodes President Marjorie Hass opposing Barrett’s nomination.

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“There are people who are literally friends, sorority sisters, close friends and even a roommate,” Marus said of the signatures.

The letter states those who sign it don’t think Barrett’s past comments about subjects like the Affordable Care Act, abortion and immigration meet the college’s principles of “truth, loyalty and service.”

Current student Khank Ton agrees with the idea behind the letter, but wonders if the effort could have gone a different way.

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“It’s more symbolic, and it doesn’t really have any substantial impact on the actual decision being made in DC,” Ton said ."It would have been better if you actually called your senator to talk about it."

Marus understands the sentiment and thinks people should contact their senators, but his effort is more focused on the perception of the school. He said he wants school leaders to stand in support of those he thinks could be negatively affected by Barrett’s possible rulings.