Sales tax holiday on guns, ammunition begins in Mississippi

MISSISSIPPI — Mississippi’s Second Amendment Holiday kicked off Friday.

FOX13 spoke to gunstore owners and outdoor stores who said it is a big deal for business.

Gunstore owners across the Mid-South told us it’s a big deal. Luke Guest with Hunters Hollow in Lafayette County said nothing compares.

”You know this will surpass Black Friday and the week of Christmas and everything. People get really excited about this.” Guest said.

Retailers across the state are waiving the 7 percent sales tax on firearms, ammunition, bows and archery supplies. Lafayette County’s Gary Berry said that he carries a pistol for personal protection and he likes to target shoot and just wants another one.

”I have got several and I like to shoot year-round and I don’t shoot the same gun all the time. I have several.” Berry said.

The Mississippi legislature created the tax-free holiday in 2014 to show the state’s commitment to it’s citizens’ rights. Jerad Mackey told us he just came in to look because it would cost him less no matter what he bought.

”Looking for shotgun shells, looking for rifle rounds, anything rifle or pistol. I might be buying a gun. Never know” Mackey said.

The second amendment tax-free holiday runs through Sunday.