Sales tax and tourism lead to huge fiscal year for Southaven

SOUTHAVEN, Miss. — DeSoto County’s fastest grown city is seeing a big bump in sales and tourism tax this year.

This fiscal year alone the city collected more than $1.6 million in sales tax. One of the things the city is investing money in is expanded seating at the Amphitheatre at Snowden Grove.

More seating at the amphitheater means bigger shows, more shows, and more dollars coming into the city of Southaven, something John Moroga of Olive Branch said he’ll come here for.

”I like that too. I love good music. I am for growth in the area. I like that money is getting put in here. I think that it will bring more growth to the area.,” Moroga said.

Southaven Mayor Darren Musselwhite couldn’t talk on camera when FOX13 aired this story on Wednesday but he told FOX13 by phone that the increase in collections came from brick and mortar stores, not internet sales.

Southaven Alderman at Large George Payne said the growth is a positive sign for the city.

”The numbers are good. We’re excited about the business that is coming to Southaven. We are excited that people are eating in Southaven,” Payne said.

In addition to more sales tax, the city’s one-percent restaurant tourism tax generated about $60,000 more than last year. That money goes straight to the city’s parks and recreation department.

However, with all the growth comes more cars.

”Traffic is kind of rough when you come up Church and Getwell. Could be better but that will come in time with growth,” said Southaven’s J.R. Patton.

Alderman Payne said traffic is a good thing.

”Well, traffic is bad and traffic has been bad in the city of Southaven for 10 years, but that means that people are coming to the city of Southaven. That means businesses are coming to do business here,” Payne said.