Scammer asks for money on Instagram using well-known local pastor’s identity

WATCH: Scammer asks for money on Instagram using well-known local pastor?s identity

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Crooks are trying to get you to send them money by using the identity of a well-known local pastor to create a fake Instagram page.

Pastor Ricky Floyd told FOX13, he had no idea until someone called to ask if it was legitimate.

The pastor told FOX13 he is active on Facebook, but said there is an Instagram page with his name that’s a fake.

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If you check out Facebook, you will find Pastor Ricky Floyd posting about faith, politics and social trends.

“It is easy. It is comfortable. It connects with the older group that I am trying to connect with,” Floyd said.

He started getting calls about an Instagram page with his name and picture. The bogus page asks people to send money to qualify for a $70,000 grant.

“He said ‘Was that you I was talking at three or four o’clock in the morning?’ and I said no that was not me,” Floyd told FOX13.

Floyd said he is worried that the scammers will fool people by using his good name for evil intent.

“Use my pictures, use my wife’s pictures and have taken the good works that we have done,” he said.

Pastor Floyd showed FOX13 a printout of conversations between a potential victim and his Instagram imposter for the grant money.

“Are you ready to claim it?” the person posing as Floyd asked a potential victim.

“Oh yes” replied a man who had no idea he wasn’t talking to Pastor Floyd.

“I got a couple of jokes from people saying ‘you made it.' I don’t want to make it that way,” Floyd said.

FOX13 emailed the person people were told to contact to apply for the grant after sending them one hundred dollars. We have not heard back.

“We need to get the word out - Hey that is not me. It’s not God and we need to be aware of people doing scams,” Floyd said.

Pastor Floyd said he got one of his staffers to contact Instagram to alert them about the bogus page with names and pictures.

At last check, the imposter page had not been taken down.