Hot and steamy across the Mid-South

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Happy Friday!

  • Hot and steamy this evening - as promised - with widely scattered showers and thunderstorms
  • Some of these storms are also producing hail
  • Temperatures across the region are averaging a heat index in the upper 90s this evening
  • Overnight lows will stay very warm - near 76 at its coolest
  • Scattered showers and storms will be active every day until the middle of next week when chances will lower
  • Heat index readings will stay consistently in the 100 - 105 range over the next week +
  • This type of sustained heat can overwhelm the body’s cooling system - please take it seriously
  • When working outdoors, pre-schedule breaks; seek AC frequently; hydrate all day long
  • AND NEVER, EVER, EVER leave a child or pet in a hot car! Ever.