SCHD creates online COVID-19 survey to get feedback from the community

SHELBY COUNTY, Tenn. — The Shelby County Health Department has another new weapon in the war on the coronavirus. It is looking for information on masks and vaccines by asking people to fill out an online survey.

FOX13 asked Denzel Brown to fill out the survey from the Shelby County Health Department about COVID-19 using his cell phone. He found the link on the Shelby County Health Department’s Twitter page.

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There are several questions about wearing a mask. One question asks how often do you wear a mask in public? “Every day,” answered Brown.

Other questions on the survey focus on social distancing, whether people will get the vaccine when it becomes available, and if they think the county health department is doing a good job regarding the virus.

“What is this supposed to accomplish?” Brown asked. “If they are giving out this survey are they trying to get information they already know, or they trying to get information we don’t know?”

FOX13 asked the director of The Shelby County Public Health Department, Alisa Haushalter, that question.

“COVID has really moved public health to the forefront, so it is important that we get feedback from the communities, so we can better serve this community,” said Haushalter.

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The health department believes the survey will help them figure out if the advice, warnings, and messaging it delivers is resonating with the public.

“All feedback is good feedback,” said Haushalter. “Regardless of where it falls, I would not label it good or bad. It is just fact.”

In taking the survey, FOX13 noticed one question that asked where people get their information. Is it from the public health briefings, national or local news, or somewhere else? Haushalter said she is concerned that can be a problem because “some of that information is conflicting. And in public health, we want to make sure we are a trusted resource.”

“The message is working because everybody hears it and everybody responds to it,” Brown said. “But when we respond to it, there is no solution behind it.”

The health department has not decided how many people it wants to survey but said it wants a cross-section of people in Shelby County.

To take the Survey in English, CLICK HERE.

La encuesta en Español (Spanish Survey Link)

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