SCHD reports 25 Delta variant breakthrough cases in Memphis-Shelby Co. area

MEMPHIS, TENN. — The Health Department reports 25 Delta variant break-through cases in the Memphis-Shelby County area.

This means 25 fully vaccinated people are sick with the Delta variant strain.

Dr. Steve Threlkeld said it’s because the Delta variant is more contagious.

“People can tend to have the idea, well they are failures and breakthroughs, so we are not going to bother doing it,” said Dr. Threlkeld.

“No, no, it’s very effective, and beyond that, it’s even more effective at preventing serious illness, hospitalization, and death.

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Dr. Threlkeld is an infectious disease specialist with Baptist Hospital.

He said getting fully vaccinated is the best way to protect yourself from the Delta variant strain.

Still, he warns you need to be careful because this strain is more contagious.

“If you are really at ground zero for a super spreader event, you might have your immunity overcome by the amount of virus you hit,” said Dr. Threlkeld.

He emphasizes most breakthrough cases are very mild infections.

That is why he said it’s important to look for minor COVID-19 symptoms.

“We have to be careful, particularly in healthcare settings and school settings to not to dismiss really mild respiratory infections so much as the sniffles,” said Dr. Threlkeld.

“In my opinion, everyone should wear a mask no matter what until we finally get beyond this point because I think we are going backwards,” said Toni Fultz.

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Toni Fultz lives in Memphis. She said she is extra cautious, especially since her daughter just recovered from a COVID-19 infection.

She plans on getting the vaccine soon to protect herself.

Dr. Threlkeld said at the end of the day, people need to get vaccinated to protect themselves and their loved ones.

“You can’t count on being able to avoid infection sitting next to someone who could expose you as well as you might have. We’ve seen this in household contacts,” said Dr. Threlkeld.

Dr. Threlkeld said he’s seeing younger people in the hospitals with COVID-19. He emphasizes its important to get those people vaccinated because they are still at risk of severe infection.