SCS: Misinformation shared by district employee spurs rumors about who can receive vaccine

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Just two days after Shelby County Schools started its massive vaccination efforts for employees, rumors shared online by an SCS employee led some people to believe anyone can show up to the district’s two sites and get a vaccine.

FOX13 spoke with several people who say they saw posts online stating the sites had extra doses to give away.

SCS confirmed misinformation was shared and spurred those rumors.

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“We got a message saying to come out here as quickly as you can because they were giving them out as quickly as possible,” Ruth Mauwong, who is not an SCS employee, said. “When we got here, they asked if we had an appointment, and we were sent away.”

Though some were turned away, those like Donna Griffin, who also doesn’t work for SCS, said she was able to get a vaccine without an appointment.

“I waited about three hours and am thankful I got it,” she said. “They did let the people who had appointments get theirs before us.”

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Griffin said others in her group got one too.

SCS said if appointments were missed or canceled, the district did give vaccinations to those without appointments.

The district said they would prioritize teachers and employees who made appointments and screen people for proof of employment before getting vaccinated.

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