SCS parent speaks out against poorly packaged lunches

WATCH: SCS parent speaks out against poorly packaged lunches

MEMPHIS,Tenn. — A meal for dogs.

That’s how an SCS mother describes the food she picked up from Sherwood Elementary for her two kids.

A mother said she is disgusted and disappointed because some families depend on these meals every day.

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She decided to record the video to put pressure on the school.

“We’ve had these bags before but they put everything in here like they were feeding them to the animals."

Christina Sykes expected to see healthy meals for her two sons.

Instead, she got food jumbled together without separate packaging from Sherwood Elementary school yesterday.

“It was all pretty much like you would put it into a big bag for dog food,” she said.

She took a video then sent it to a friend, who posted it on Facebook.

It has over 11,000 views and hundreds of shares.

“You wouldn’t want to feed your children like that so why would you feed the rest of the community like that and its just not right," said Sykes.

She said the Sherwood principal called apologizing but she wants to see action.

Especially for parents who need these meals.

“Some of these families really depend on it and some of these families is all they have to depend on,” she said.

SCS said they are disciplining the employees who packaged the meals.

Sherwood elementary is the only site where meals were put together like this.

“We recognize that we had employees that did not follow proper protocol in the packaging of those items that were distributed from Sherwood elementary. We’ve met with those employees to understand their actions, and of course it was unacceptable.”

Sykes said she hopes to see change or she’ll continue to bring these issues to light.

“Like I don’t know if they were having a bad day or were frustrated with what they thought was a joke but these are for our children," she said.

The district said this won’t happen again.