SCS parents ask district for help as COVID pandemic continues

SHELBY COUNTY, Tenn. — Some Mid-South parents are still concerned about their students being back in the classroom as the COVID pandemic continues.

Parents in Shelby County Schools are asking the district what accommodations it can make for students who are seeing the effects of the virus.

One parent told FOX13 she only felt somewhat comfortable sending her daughter back to school yesterday after the principal made special arrangements because her daughter has a chronic illness.

In August LaQuita Smith’s daughter caught a severe case of COVID-19. Her daughter is a fourth grader at Riverwood Elementary.

“She’s still having symptoms,” Smith said. “With the breathing, it’s an issue. We are seeing a lung doctor for that. She can’t think clearly.”

Smith said the school is letting her daughter go back for four hours each day.

Before accommodations were made she wanted to withdraw her daughter from SCS entirely.

Last week, SCS data showed 3,000 cases of COVID in schools, and over 300 new cases reported this week.

Smith said she believes there are more cases that have gone under the radar.

SCS sent FOX13 information about Homebound Services for seriously ill children.

A student who expects to be absent for 15 days or more with a doctor’s note is eligible for homebound learning.

Smith said her daughter is asthmatic, and that she had been contacted by the school about homebound services.

“The thing with that, it’s saying you have to be not walking or real critical for them to put you on homebound,” Smith said. “I thought COVID was critical.”

Learn more about homebound services here.