SCS parents have until July 18 to choose online or in-person classes for students

WATCH: SCS parents have until July 18 to choose online or in-person classes for students

SHELBY COUNTY, Tenn. — Do parents feel comfortable sending their kids back to school during the pandemic? That’s the question Shelby County Schools parents will have to answer next week.

FOX13 spoke with parents who said they are torn. They said they are ready to send their kids back to school, but as cases of COVID-19 continue to climb, they’re concerned their kids could catch the virus.

They have less than a month to decide what to do.

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"I'm not a teacher. So, with me being a parent, I know my kids need their education. So, my kids need an option with a teacher," Nina Faulkner told FOX13.

Next week Faulkner will have to decide if she wants her six-year-old son Jeremiah to return to school in the fall or continue learning virtually.

"I think they should go back to school, but do as much social distancing as possible," she said.

But everyone does not agree with Faulkner.

A recent survey by Shelby County Schools determined that almost 70 percent of parents support online learning.

“We just have to do what is best,” Faulkner said.

As cases continue to climb across Shelby County, some people do not think parents should have to make the decision.

“That shouldn’t have to be a decision they have to make,” said Queen Griffin. “That’s why they have a superintendent and school board. But with cases steadily rising and kids going back to school, it’s really a gamble.”

Griffin said the safety recommendations by the SCS Re-Entry Task Force for reopening schools, which include teachers wearing face shields and regular handwashing, give her some peace of mind.

"I think they should be allowed to go back in the classroom because being home, I don't think education will be given the right way," she said.

But as cases rise, she said she isn’t confident in-person classes will resume.

“If it gets deadlier, they will probably be at home,” said Griffin. “But will they get the right education at home?”

Parents have until July 18 to make a decision.

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