SCS parents sign petition to calling for learning changes

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Some parents are not happy with the Shelby County Schools' in-person learning plan.

One person disliked it so much that they created an online petition demanding change.

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So far it has over 500 signatures.

One parent said she doesn’t think in-person learning is any different from virtual learning especially since some teachers will be teaching virtually.

The district said this is just a proposal and things can change.

“For me to send my child, there would have to be a foolproof plan in place,” said parent Arionna Onley.

Onley is not impressed with SCS' in-person learning plan, especially virtual teaching.

She didn’t understand why students would attend class in person if they are looking at a teacher on a screen.

SCS said it will provide a teaching assistant, substitute or other staff members to help if this is the case.

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“So it’s another thing to get used to and of course I don’t know who the TA or if his teacher will be present so that’s just so many other adjustments,” said Onley.

She isn’t the only person with concerns.

There is a petition online asking Shelby County Schools to make changes to their current plan.

The petition asked SCS to allow kids to have recess and eat lunch outside.

Parents also wanted teachers who are in-person to teach directly to their students in the classroom while streaming virtually and for SCS to change their in-person plan then give teachers and students another chance to choose the program.

“I know it’s hard for parents to make the right decision, there is no right decision its just whatever you can do,” said Onley.

The current in-person plan, posted online, calls for reduced classes, mask-wearing, frequent handwashing, temperature checks and more.

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Still, some parents like Onley are not comfortable enough to send their kids back.

“I’m hopeful to see COVID be handled different and hopefully our schools will have a better plan as to how they can phase learning to in person learning,” said Onley.

FOX13 asked SCS if they are aware of the petition.

A spokesperson said their plan is a proposal and they are basing their plan on science.

The spokeswoman also emphasized that this plan could change based on what’s happening with COVID trends in the community.

For more information on the petition and SCS plans, click here.