SCS parents threatening to hold sit-in to get Gov. Lee’s attention

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Parents who have children in Shelby County Schools are threatening to hold a sit-in at Tuesday night’s school board committee meeting.

Parents say it is all in an effort to get Tennessee Governor Bill Lee to put safety before politics.

One grandparent said she is not backing down from Governor Lee, even if she gets arrested. Not only is she taking her concerns to SCS, but she also said she’s going to Nashville too.

“What we’re trying to show SCS is that we’re trying to get the attention of the governor so that he’ll know that we’re not playing about our children,” Bridget Bradley told FOX13.

Bradley is demanding Gov. Lee reconsider giving children more options when it comes to virtual learning.

“First of all, I have a grandson with asthma that I have to pull out of pre-k, and his safety is so important to me,” Bradley said.

Bradley showed FOX13 video of her homeschooling her five-year-old grandson during a Zoom interview. She plans to spearhead the sit-in because she says Gov. Lee is putting politics before the safety of children.

“It’s not that we’re protesting against, we want, my grandson, my only grandson. I am not going to take that chance or risk with his life,” she said.

Parents hope state leaders will allow parents to decide whether their child can learn virtually, especially if they have health conditions.

Bradley pulled her grandson out of SCS after hearing about 16-year-old Azorean Tatum, a student at Westwood High School who died from COVID and pneumonia three weeks ago.

“All we’re asking is children that have high-risk problems, such as asthma, any kind of respiratory problem, we’re asking for that option,” Bradley said.

Currently, the state allows virtual learning through virtual standalone academies.

School board member Stephanie Love encourages parents to reach out to their state senators, the governor, and school board members.

FOX13 reached out to Gov. Lee’s administration, but no one has gotten back to us so far. This story will be updated if and when they do.