SCS plans to reevaluate re-entry plans: ‘We are balancing concerns of learning loss with losing lives’

Watch: SCS plans to reevaluate re-entry plans

SHELBY COUNTY, Tenn. — Shelby County school board leaders continue to reevaluate plans to reopen classrooms safely in January.

Superintendent Joris Ray said the district will continue following the science and listen to guidance from health officials as they continue developing the re-entry plans.

“We cannot negotiate safety, we are balancing concerns of learning loss with losing lives,” said Dr. Ray during Tuesday’s school board meeting.

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Currently, Shelby County Schools is planning for Pre-K -5 grade along with students with disabilities to return first in early January, followed by students in grades 6-12 returning in mid-January.

But Superintendent Ray said this process isn’t an exact science. He said they’ve seen the COVID-19 cases spike across the county, and they’ll continue meeting with health experts.

“We have to acknowledge there’s no right answer,” he said.

Dr. Ray said he’s meeting with board members next week to reevaluate the proposed re-entry plan which has been flexible from the start.

“We are going to continue to do what’s best for the children of Shelby County Schools and all employees,” said Ray. “We recognize the academic, social and emotional impact of the pandemic and we are working to strengthen our instruction support and practices.”

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