SCS postpones fall sports until further notice, superintendent says

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — SCS postponed fall sports until further notice, the superintendent said.

Dr. Joris Ray tweeted a statement and a video that explained the district’s decision.

“We must lean on the guidance of EXPERTS and not EMOTIONS," Ray said. "Our decision to postpone fall athletics until further notice is another unimaginable consequence of an unprecedented time. We will do all we can to return to play SAFELY.”

In the video, Ray also said he hoped they would be allowed to play safely when conditions improved.

The decision was made based on recommendations from local infectious disease experts.

“Given the uncertainties around the novel coronavirus and the undiagnosed number of cases in our community, contact sports are a bad idea at the present time,” Jain said.

As the district continues to learn virtually, officials will also consider offering families the option to return to sports.

" As parents, oftentimes our hearts ache for you, our children, when we have to make tough decisions that you may not understand or appreciate until many years down the road. Let me be clear, I love athletics just as much as anyone else...but even as a sports fan, I love our student-athletes MORE THAN ATHLETICS," Ray said. “But be assured, we will continue to follow science and do what’s best for you. Right now, I have a team of athletic leaders who are focused on showcasing the incredible talents of our student-athletes to ensure post-secondary readiness and opportunities, especially for junior and senior athletes.”

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Several parents and athletes were upset by this decision.

A Kirby High school football player said he found out in the middle of practice.

“When you spend all that time all that energy, blood sweat and tears with your team and you get this type of news in the middle of practice it kinda hurts,” said Jaylon Jordan.

Jordan was looking forward to this season his junior year at Kirby High School as an offensive guard and defensive tackle.

Ever since he was 7-years-old he’s loved football.

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A life long dream of his is to play for the NFL but now that dream is on hold.

“Everyone wants to win a state championship, everyone wants to have something to live off at the end when they get older but just to find out this it just hurts and it’s disappointing,” said Jordan.

Jaylon’s father Derrick questions why other schools can play but SCS can’t.

He said the most frustrating part is not being able to voice his concerns.

“What about the parents invite us and open a platform where we can come in and hear the same thing you’re hearing that would give us some extra peace,” said Derrick Jordan.

Jordan said for now he’s trying to stay positive. He’ll focus on his studies, his health and keep hope alive for a football season.

“We really just wish we could get that feeling again. Like we did last year, going out pregaming stretching everyone having fun you know,” said Jordan.

Several athletes and parents plan on attending a school board meeting to voice their thoughts about sports being postponed.

“If we don’t have sports you are talking about Coronavirus going up. I hate to say this but the death rate is going up, kids gonna have nothing to do but be in the streets,” said Dequan Bevill.

Other athletes plan on voicing their opinions at the meeting as well.

“Just hope that our voices will be heard and we can really get our opinions, our voices across and it will touch someone’s heart,” said football player Kaleb Alamo.