SCS says students taking classes online will be able to participate if sports are allowed in the future

Watch: SCS says students taking classes online will be able to participate if sports are allowed in the future

SHELBY COUNTY, Tenn. — There are many questions about whether Shelby County Schools will allow sports when school starts in the fall.

Classes will start on August 31 and student-athletes have been cleared for practice, but that doesn’t necessarily mean games.

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For now, there will be no sports for students attending class in-person or online.

If sports are allowed in the future, then students taking classes online will be able to participate.

FOX13 started asking questions after another report indicated students learning virtually would not be participating in sports until next year.

But a spokesperson with SCS emphasized to FOX13 there are no sports right now, only independent conditioning workouts. And if sports are allowed later in the school year, students who signed up for virtual learning will not be left out.

They can also participate in virtual sports but those details are still being worked out.

SCS is also trying to figure out how to offer online extra-curricular activities like music, choir, and others.

Shelby County Schools issued the following statement Tuesday night:

“We want to clarify a previously reported District response regarding student participation in extracurricular activities and athletics in the fall. We are exploring possible options for students enrolled in virtual learning to participate in extracurricular activities, such as clubs and student organizations. We understand the value of these programs to the total learning experience, and we are still determining which activities can be offered, staff permitting, with limited in-person interaction. However, the District has not yet resumed full athletic participation nor made any decisions about the start of the fall sports season. Only individual conditioning has been taking place this summer for student athletes, but no organized team activities. We will continue to monitor guidance from local and state health and athletic officials and support our schools in developing sport-specific contingency plans. Student athletes - including those enrolled in in-school and virtual learning - may continue with individual conditioning at the direction of their coaches, and further guidance will be shared with families once a final decision is made on resuming athletic activities District-wide.”

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