SCS survey: Majority of parents want to continue virtual learning

Watch: SCS survey: Majority of parents want to continue virtual learning

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A majority of Shelby County Schools parents want to continue remote learning for their students in January.

The district used a survey to gauge whether parents will bring their kids back to school.

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In mid-October, SCS asked parents whether they would want to continue remote learning or return for in-person instruction, and the results were recently in November.

District data shows about 65 percent of parents want their students to remain virtual, 24 percent want to return to the classroom and 11 percent didn’t select an option either way. The district said those students would be slated for in-person learning.

With COVID-19 cases spiking across Shelby County again, SCS parent Astra Vaughan said her family didn’t make the decision to pursue in-person learning lightly.

“Very scary, so scary, it’s like we have mixed feelings about it,” said Vaughan. “It’s like all we can do it sit here and pray about it.”

Vaughan has four girls under the age of 13.

She said her youngest daughter is autistic and a kindergarten student in the district. Vaughan says virtual learning has been a challenge.

“My husband has to sit there and watch her and make sure she starts on tasks. She’s autistic so her brain jumps and it’s just hard for her to stay focused,” said Vaughan.

She understands there isn’t a simple answer, but she’s hopeful in-person learning will be a safe option.

“Make sure the kids are cared for, and clean everything and the employees are good. I think everything will be alright at the schools, hopefully,” she said.

Superintendent Joris Ray said he will present updated re-entry plans before winter break.