SCS virtual classes bring added challenge for some parents who work full-time

WATCH: SCS virtual classes bring added challenge for some parents who work full time

SHELBY COUNTY, Tenn. — Parents in Shelby County are shocked by an announcement by the Shelby County School District to go virtual for the 2020-2021 school year.

Some said the decision raises some issues for parents who are working during the pandemic.

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“Some parents have to work long hours,” said Shelby County parent Darrell Lewis. “I’m just concerned about who’s going to hold the kids responsible to do what they need to do at home. And you have a lot of single parents, and that’s my biggest concern. Who’s going to supervise a lot of kids at home?”

Others in the community said they understand the decision to go virtual for the best interest of students and teachers.

They said no matter the decision by the district, someone will be hurt, whether it’s the parents, the teachers or the children.

“The school district is doing their best by the kids,” said Shelby County resident Soteria Thompson. “They don’t want the kids to come home and give COVID to their parents and communities for it to spread astronomically, so I think they’re trying to do what’s best, but it’s really complicated for parents that work. This isn’t a great solution. It’s terrible.”

The district’s decision comes shortly after they announced a plan for parents to decide for their children to be taught either in person or virtual.

One parent said he’s all in favor of reverting back to leaving that decision to the parents.

“There has to be some middle ground somewhere,” said Scott Earrish, who is a grandparent. “I’m not sure of all of one or all of another is the answer, but I understand why districts would want to go all virtual. There’s no easy, obvious, logical next choice. It’s just tough.”

Parents said it’s even tougher since there’s no specific timeframe for how long virtual learning will be in place, but they understand it’s for the safety of students, teachers and any family that they come in contact with.