SCS will revisit allowing sports after Labor Day

Watch: SCS will revisit allowing sports after Labor Day

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Central High football coach Major Wright said the balancing act of wanting to play and understanding the severity of a pandemic is tough.

“There’s so many difficult situations going on in our world that it’s something you almost feel guilty for complaining,” Wright said.

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More uncertainty was added Tuesday with SCS superintendent Dr. Joris Ray announcing a fall sports plan would be revisited after Labor Day.

Teams across the state are now allowed to have full-contact practices if approved locally. Games are slated for later this month.

Wright was worried parents may not have a say in the matter.

“They tell us we’re not playing we don’t get to decide,” Wright said. “You would like for families to be able to weigh the risks and consequences, potential consequences and make that decision for themselves.”

Wright said some parents have already made the decision to remove their children from the field.

“This is a dangerous situation,” he said. “Any decision they make is supported by the coaches. I do not blame anybody for withdrawing a child from sports at this stage.”

Wright said the families who have withdrawn are dealing with compromising health situations.

For those who want to play, he said he’s confident coaches will be able to keep players safe.

“Shelby County Schools has put in place a lot of guidelines that obliviously are health department guided,” he said. “Our coaches are doing a great job following those guidelines.”

Wright admits it’s tough to see other teams in the area and across the state moving forward with preparations.

He said SCS coaches are playing mediator between Ray who has big decisions to make and players who don’t want to miss out on a season.

For now, the wait continues for a few more weeks.

“I think best case scenarios is we start up September 18th with our first game,” he said. “Obviously, we don’t even want to talk about worse case.”