Search for missing boaters on Pickwick Lake switches to recovery effort

PICKWICK LAKE, Tenn. — The search for two 15-year-olds and a 43 year-old-man, Kenneth Driver, missing on a Mid-South lake has taken a turn for the worse.

Officials are now calling it a search and recovery effort. They do not believe the three people could have survived. The damage to the boat and the cold temperatures led to the decision.

The Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency said they are using side scanning sonar to search a 14 square mile grid to try to recover the victims.

The two students and one of their fathers were having engine trouble before the start of a fishing tournament on Saturday.

FOX13 learned from the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency that the boat was found in the Tennessee River, 14-miles from where they launched.

The boat was sucked through the dam’s spillway and into the river below. The boaters were not in the boat when it was found.

The river’s current is strong, but the TWRA said the water level and flow continue to slow down, which should help the search efforts.