Season of Remembrance honors record number of lives lost to violence in Memphis

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Homicide victims in Memphis and Shelby County are remembered in red, white and blacks lights on both the Hernando DeSoto and the I-55 bridges used to drive in and out of the city.

Shelby County District Attorney held its annual Season of Remembrance ceremony outdoors Wednesday because of COVID-19.

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The ceremony remembered the staggering and record-breaking 293 lives lost to acts of violence in Memphis this year, 32 of those victims were children. It also called for the community to do more to stop the violence.

FOX13 spoke to one family who said the lights won’t bring back their loved one.

The family of Tavis Adair said they want justice like so many other families who have lost a friend or family member to violence.

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Adair was found naked and shot to death in October in North Memphis. His case has not been solved.

Adair’s family is upset no arrests have been made.

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“They have not found caught the person,” Sharon Adair told FOX13. “They don’t have any leads. My brother was 43 years old.”

“Crime is so high that those files are stacking up and my brother’s is being pushed down,” said Mary Adair.

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“To those mothers and daughters, sisters and brothers and brothers and sister you are not forgotten,” Shelby County District Attorney Amy Weirich said.

In years past, the District Attorney’s Season of Remembrance was held inside City Hall. Families brought ornaments to remember victims. COVID-19 forced the ceremony outdoors this year.

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“I don’t know if there is a correlation between the pandemic and horrible increase in violent crime that we have seen but it is certainly problematic,” Weirich said.

The district attorney urged people to call the police with information that can lead to an arrest which is what Tavis Adair’s family wants.

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“We came out to support my brother, but it doesn’t give me comfort,” said Mary Adair. “It doesn’t help me sleep at night. It doesn’t ease the family pain.”